Preschool Schedule

9:00 AM: Arrival, find your name, and choose an activity.

9:30 AM: Morning group lesson. Phonics/literacy, numbers, writing, and special helper.

9:55 AM: Free-flow; children interact with each other throughout the classroom. Table activities are used to strength previous group lessons. In addition, each child will work with teachers one-to-one on the content from the previous group lesson during this hour. 

10:50 AM: Morning snack. 

11:10 AM: Clean up time.

11:30 AM: Carpet time to recap the morning, discuss positive behaviour, date/weather and  sing alongs.

11:55 AM: Get ready for home time/lunch.

​12:00 PM: Lunch/home time/afternoon arrivals.

*This schedule is repeated for afternoon session: 12PM - 2:55PM, lessons are similar but modified to help extend learning. Outside time changes on a daily basis and is used in a variety of different ways to enhance students' learning.

​​​Before and After School  Schedule
6:30 - 7:00 AM: Arrivals/quiet activities.

​8:00 AM: Morning snack. 

​8:20 AM: Clean up and get ready for school.

3:00 PM: Return from school/ outdoor or gym activity (depending on weather.)

​4:00 PM: Afternoon snack.

​4:20 PM: Continue afternoon activities until pick up.

​**All activities are based on physical education, personal learning goals, and having FUN! Schedules are based on bus schedules and will vary depending on school start times.


Holiday Closures:

Thanksgiving - Monday October 8th 2018.
Christmas Holiday - Monday December 24th 2018 - Friday January 4th 2019.
Family Day - Monday February 18th 2019.
March Break – Friday March 11th 2019 - Friday March 15th 2019.
Good Friday - Friday April 19th 2019.
Easter Monday - Monday April 22nd 2019.
Victoria Day - Monday May 20th 2019.